It's graduation time.  But what do you get that graduate to prepare them for the next step in their future? came up with a list of 13 gifts any graduate would appreciate. Here's our Top 5.

Money Tree

Who doesn't like money and a money tree works for any budget. Have several people chip in to make it a bigger tree. Plus it looks cooler than throwing some cash into a card.


Grads looking for a job can download books on job interviews to help them land that perfect job. Plus ebooks are usually cheaper than going to the bookstore, so you'll help save them some money too.


If they don't have a phone already, the smartphone is the way to go. It'll help grads stay up to date on the latest news with apps to help them on the job hunt. Plus they'll have no excuse not to stay in touch with family and friends.

Easy Recipes for Lunch

Who can afford to eat our everyday? Plus fast food isn't good for you. A small recipe box with your easiest and most delicious recipes for lunch will not only save your grad money, it'll give them a piece of home every day.

Blender for Morning Shakes & Iced Coffee

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but who has time. A blender makes great shakes or iced coffee for the grad on the go. And you can get one for less than $20.
Chris Hunkeler/Flickr