New York State Police are feeling the love from their community during the coronavirus crisis.

Cory Andrew, a State Trooper out of Richfield Springs, says they received a nice surprise when a Girl Scout Troop leader showed up with a huge box full of cookies. "She told us the girls decided to donate the remainder of their cookie supply to local places that have helped them with cookie sales in the past."

The girls sent some treats to the troopers at the station to thank them for keeping everyone safe. "Unfortunately but wisely, the girls weren't with their Troop leader to bring us the cookies."

Photo Credit - Cory Andrew
Photo Credit - Cory Andrew

"It makes a hard job like ours a little bit easier to do every day knowing we have members of our communities who truly care about other people and have a sense of pride in where they live," says Andrew.

Numerous people have stopped at the barracks to drop things off like hand sanitizer and other treats. "We have a great community and they deserve to be recognized for it."

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