Go inside the abandoned Dundas Castle, formerly known as Beaverkill Lodge, with Dan Laroe of Northeastern Abandoned Exploration.

Laroe says exploring the castle was like a fairy tale. "I've heard about this prize nestled on a hill over looking the 'Top Flyfishing Town in the U.S.A.' I always wanted to see it. It's spectacular."

Bradford Lee Gilbert, born in Watertown, New York, bought the property in 1891 for a summer home, called Beaverkill Lodge. He died in 1911 and the land was sold twice.

Ralph Wurts-Dundas bought the property in 1915, with plans to convert the lodge into a castle for his family. He died in 1921 and never got to see his castle completed. No one has lived there since.

Laroe says despite the graffiti, the castle exploration was one he won't soon forget. "Look past the horrible spray-painting to appreciate what Dundas was creating for his family. It's beautiful!"

There is a legend according to BradfordLeeGilbert.com:

In the 1930s, a seductive woman with the long blond hair who regularly lured unsuspecting fishermen to an afternoon's adventure. Rumor had it the sole occupant was a beautiful but demented young girl, who used to let down her golden hair from an upstairs window and lure unwary anglers into her granite castle, for what probably amounted to nothing worse than an afternoon's pleasant seduction.

Dundas Castle is located on Beaverkill Valley Road in Roscoe, New York, 70 miles east of Binghamton and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.

Dundas Castle Photo Gallery

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