Governor Cuomo has announced refunds and repairs to New Yorkers who have been the victims of consumer fraud. This investigation by the DMV's Vechicle Safety Division has found over 600 such cases with regards to auto sales and repairs.

The initiative is touted by the Governor as New York State's zero tolerance for businesses that commit any kind of fraud.

If any New Yorker believes they have been taken advantage of when buying or repairing a car, I urge them to call the DMV and ensure they receive the fair service they deserve. (Governor Cuomo -

In the Mohawk Valley, 39 customers shared in $37,225 of funds recovered from dealers and repair shops. Elsewhere in Central New York, an additional $97,219 was recovered for 48 customers of fraud.

The DMV has details on what you should look out for if you think you've been taken advantage of by any regulated automotive business. You can see the full guide on their website.

Broken Car

Remember, when you buy a vehicle or have a vehicle repaired, you have the right to expect it to be safe and fairly priced. And the DMV is there as your advocate. Have you ever filed a complaint against an auto dealer or repair shop?


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