New York State officials made changes to some guidelines regarding gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic Wednesday afternoon.

Governor Cuomo and his administration announced that gatherings, both residential and social, could increase in size starting in late March and early April. Beginning March 22, outdoor residential gatherings can increase to 25 people, as long as attendees follow guidelines for face masks and social distancing. Indoor residential gatherings must remain capped at 10 people.

Starting April 2, social gatherings can grow in capacity as well. Indoor gatherings will be able to hold up to 100 people, while outdoor gatherings will be capped at 200. Again, social distancing and masks will be required for these gatherings.

Last month, Governor Cuomo announced that stadiums and arenas that could hold at 10 thousand people could open at 10 percent capacity and with testing requirements.

Starting April 2, more events, arts and entertainment venues in New York will be allowed to reopen. Smaller venues that hold less than 10 thousand people will be able to reopen at 33 percent capacity, as long as the capacity does not exceed the social gathering limits of 100 people for indoor gatherings and 200 people for outdoor gatherings. Venues that require negative tests will be able to increase their capacity to 150 indoors and 500 outdoors.

New York State Budget Director Robert Mujica also spoke about the state's new Empire Pass Program, which once officially launched, will feature an app that, with users' consent, will hold information about COVID-19 test results so they can easily access and show proof of their results when attending events. Mujica said the app has been tested at Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden so far, and will be available through both the Apple Store and Google Play once it is launched.

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