In the 1969 movie Downhill Racer, the title character played by Robert Redford gets upset when he receives a pair of gloves from a girlfriend as a Christmas gift.

This Christmas when my wife Beth gave me the gloves pictured above, I was ecstatic. They were everything I wanted. Thin-yet-warm material. Rubber grips for great contact with the steering wheel. And those magic, touchscreen-capable index fingertips for cell phone use--which also happen to work on the dashboard touchscreen of my car. What more could a guy want?

They are the perfect gift. My buddy Sean even said they'd be great for texting WHILE driving. No, Sean, that would be illegal and unsafe.

My folks also gave me ANOTHER perfect gift this year: Ankle-high athletic socks. Normally tough to locate, because most of these socks are made to fit size 6-12 feet, and mine are 13. But these particular ones are MY size:

Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM

All of this information shatters the old adage about socks and gloves and ties making for bad Christmas gifts. Or maybe I'm just the easiest man in the world to buy gifts for. Next year, I don't need ANYTHING. I hope you all got exactly what you were looking for under your tree this year.

Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM