On the Today Show this morning I saw a segment about hackers using different apps on droid phones to hack into your smartphones. Here's how to protect yourself. 

The most common strategy hackers use to get into your phone is through the use of malware. This malware can activate your camera, microphone, and use your phones location to track your every single move.

More often, hackers will take a popular app, insert malicious code and then put it out there for people who don't want to pay for the real thing. (Experts call it "Trojanizing" an app). Someone might balk at paying $6.99 for "Minecraft," download a free, unofficial version on a random website, and then happily play it while the bad code does its job.

"If you go off-market, the risk of getting one of these 'Trojanized' apps is very high," Chester Wisniewski, senior security adviser at Sophos, told TODAY. "They are not just giving you free software for the hell of it. They are doing it to infect your phone and make some money off of you.""

How can you protect yourself?

1) Only download apps that are in official stores run by Google, Apple or Microsoft. Once you go off the market, your risk goes up tremendously.

2) Make sure your phone has the latest operating system.

3) Password protect your phone.

4) Download some anti-virus software for your .


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