For Halloween, some people spend a ton of time and money on their costume, hoping that they will make some sort of an impact at the parties. While others wait till the last minute and throw something together and hope for the best. If your among that category then we have a list of some lazy costume ideas for you!

Here are some costume ideas for lazy people from

Self-Portrait- Get a giant frame from a secondhand store and frame your face.

Smartie Pants- Take a hot glue gun and attach rolls of Smarties candies to a pair of old pants. As the night rolls on, you might get someone to try to rip the candies from your pants.

Mummy- Just wrap yourself in toilet paper.

Hugh Hefner- Put on your pajamas, get a silk robe, slippers and a pipe. You'll be an instant babe magnet.

On a scale of one to 10, how likely are you to throw heart and soul into your Halloween costume this year?