The Naples Hotel and Restaurant, located in Naples New York is yet another historic site that is notorious for it's tragic past and ghostly happenings. 

The building was originally constructed in 1895 by Jeff R. Brown as the 'finest brick hotel in Ontario County.' The Naples Hotel and Restaurant became a feature landmark for the area drawing many famous people.

Haunted Naples Hotel NY Ghost Hunters
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While the number of visitors alone could cause any number of phenomena over the years, it is reported that in the 1920's a man hung himself on the third floor. It is suspected that this has led to the ghostly activity reported at the hotel. Witnesses have heard disembodied voices, moving objects, and even witnessed a shadow figure and the apparition of a man in period clothing.

Named after the character in the 1937 movie, witnesses have dubbed the mysterious apparition, Topper. The spirit is said to be so active at the site that Syfy channel's own Ghost Hunters came in 2011 to investigate the hotel and attempt to document the reported paranormal phenomena.

While Ghost Hunters could not verify the existence of a person named Topper they did find quite a bit of evidence to validate the claims of paranormal activity at the hotel. Since the investigation by Ghost Hunters, the Naples Hotel has opened it's doors to other ghost hunters and curious alike to help document claims of the paranormal.