A Central New York woman is looking for a particular brand and flavor of soup to help out a family who has a member with autism. Have you seen any?

We're all making changes as a result of the coronavirus, but for individual on the autism spectrum, change can be nearly impossible and incredibly disruptive. Any variation can become a much larger issue, and that can include the food the individual eats.

Katie Harvey put out the call on Facebook: "Ok my little hoarders, no judgment for the panic, but there is a family who has an individual with autism. This is what they eat every day. For those that may not be aware, this is very important. They are unable to find this in stores. They paid $10 to someone for 1 CAN. If any of you have this please consider giving it up."

So far, Katie has managed to find some of this soup, but if you have any please reach out to her on Facebook and help.

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