Breakfast is one of those things I have to be in the mood for. I'm not someone who wakes up each day wanting your typical eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, for a meal. However, I do find myself daydreaming some mornings about the best breakfast I've ever had.

If you find yourself in the New York town of Lake Placid and you're wondering where to go for breakfast, you absolutely need to step foot into The Breakfast Club.

The Breakfast Club, Etc. doesn't just serve up your stereotypical breakfast foods. they serve it up in a way that you'll remember forever.

There's so many options on the menu that it was hard for us to decide what we wanted, so my friends and I all decided to get different things and we'd all take bites of each other's orders.

I got the bacon and swiss röstis, someone ordered the banana nutella french toast, another one ordered the crab cake bene, someone else ordered the biscuits and gravy, and another ordered a stack of palace pancakes. Quite the order, but everything had so much flavor, was served with beautiful presentation and just thinking about how perfect everything was is making my mouth water.

It was incredible.

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Something on the menu that specifically stands out is on their cocktail menu: it's worth $575 (but totally worth the price if you're a mimosa connoisseur.

They deem it the "Million Dollar Mimosa." It's something you would definitely order for the whole table. You get bottle of Dom Perignon, three ounces of Louis XIII Cognac, and a carafe of fresh squeezed orange juice. According to the BC, it's one of the things sold most on their entire beverage menu during the summer months.

Dang - if that isn't the life. Ordering $575 worth of mimosas at brunch. A girl can wish, right?

They also have a full menu of bloody marys, mimosas, and spiked coffee. It's glorious.

We stopped at the Breakfast Club back in April, and we had about a 45 minute wait on a weekend that they weren't expecting to be super busy. If you find yourself wanting to stop in, they don't take reservations over the phone. You'll need to go there and get your name on a waiting list, then the hostess will give you a time, she'll take your phone number and call you when a table is ready. I suggest getting there early.

Breakfast hasn't been the same for me ever since I stopped into the Breakfast Club. If you find yourself in Lake Placid anytime of year, they'll be open to serve you.

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