Taylor Adam McDowell was born nearly deaf, but that hasn't prevented him from pursuing what he loves, and wowing everyone who watches him perform.

Taylor's inability to hear, makes him super focused, and he plays from simply feeling the vibrations. He comes from a musical family, and he's determined to not let a hearing impairment hold him back.

Taylor was born with extreme hearing impairment in the small town of Eaton, NY. He was raised in a family of musicians. While almost deaf, his other senses made up for what his ears couldn’t. By age eight, he was playing drums and perfecting his craft daily without exception.

Taylor's passion and determination has paid off: So far he's won 5 talent show and plays regularly at the Tramontane Cafe. Here he is rockin' out..Enjoy!

Taylor's talent's don't stop at music either; he's also an accomplished computer programmer, and has won 2 hackathon competitions. To learn more about this remarkable guy, click HERE.


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