A new Guinness World Record has been set with the help of a local business in Herkimer.

During a manger's summit for Aaron's (a lease-to-own furniture and appliance store), a world record was broken. Aaron's participated in the 'Largest Human-Mattress Dominoes' and broke the world record that was previously held by Germany in 2012.

Managers from the Aaron's store in Herkimer headed to this summit and took part in the 'Largest Human-Mattress Dominoes.' One local manager, Tim Olney said, "the event was pretty awesome - to get together for charity, and have a little fun while setting a record."

Photo Credit: Tim Olney

Not only was the world record broken, but the mattresses were donated for a good cause. According to GuinnessWorldRecords.com,

The mattresses used are now set be donated to charitable groups in the Washington, DC area including A Wider Circle, an organization focused on ending individual and family poverty, and to the Sasha Bruce and Wanda Alston youth homeless shelters.


Photo Credit: Tim Olney

Congratulations to Aaron's for setting this new world record, and congratulations to Herkimer for being a part of such a great event - for a great cause.



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