There's a new record-holder for the most Christmas lights on a tree, after David Richards created an amazing lighted display that smashed the old record.

David Richards is known as the 'Christmas Lights Man' and there's a good reason why. He loves decorating for the Holiday season. This year, he decided to take on the challenge of getting another world record for his decorations, and he did it!

Not only did Richards beat the old record - He completely creamed it. According to the Guinness World Records,

...518,838 lights was more than enough to beat the previous record of 374,280 by Universal Studios Japan in October 2015.

The celebration of lighting this gigantic Christmas tree brought out thousands and thousands of people - all watching the lights which were programmed to music to dance, blink, and just create a lighted masterpiece.

If you still don't believe David Richards is completely into the holiday spirit (a regular 'Buddy' during Christmastime), know that money raised from this event also went to charity. Check out the announcement and the lighting of the tree in the video below:




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