Looks like high schoolers north of the border have as much trouble with referees as ones in the States do.

Check out this disturbing footage of high school hockey players in Canada viciously attacking a referee during a game.

The melee starts when two referees try to break up a fight between players. One ref pulls a player away from the ruckus and strikes him, which causes some of his teammates to start pounding away on the referee. It appears as if players from the opposing team try to jump in to help the referee.

The incident occurred in a game between St. Mary’s College and Sault High back in January, but video only made its way to the internet earlier this week.

Two players from St. Mary's were suspended, while police also investigated the matter.

The game was called with four seconds remaining. Sault won, 3-2. There's no word if the referee who swung at the player was punished.

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