Thanks to the wonder that is the Internet, you've probably seen your fair share of non-traditional marriage proposals -- some good and some not so much. Well, now you can add another good one.

Earlier this month, Mike King dressed up as a homeless man before he popped the question to his girlfriend, Katie Barabas, outside a South Bend, Indiana ministry where they both volunteer to help feed people living on the streets.

The couple has been dating for 11 months.Barabas was clearly taken aback, at first, but then delightfully accepted once she realized King was the man underneath the beard.

King was happy to pull off the stunt, saying, "I was definitely extremely nervous. I’m not typically nervous. The significance of this prank was a lot greater.” He also said he wanted the proposal to be something Barabas will remember. Well, mission accomplished.

While it's unclear when the couple will walk down the aisle, they've already said they plan to invite several homeless people from the ministry to celebrate at the reception with them.

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