Sad news out of Syracuse, as the owner of the factory known for having a 'house on top of it,' has passed away.

If you talk to anyone in the Central New York area (okay, maybe not anyone, but most people) and mention a "house on top of a building," they know you're talking about the old factory in Syracuse. The majority of people will know the story behind this building, how it came to be, the rumors about the "house," and the owner, Yiorgos Kyriakopoulos.

Unfortunately, some very sad news from, the owner has passed away...

Yiorgos Kyriakopoulos... has died in a traffic accident in Greece, where he went to attend his oldest brother's funeral.

There were many owners of the factory building within the last 100 years, but Kyriakopoulos seemed to be the most open and generous when it came to the stories behind the mysterious house. Many owners kept its meaning a secret, but not Kyriakopoulos. He even allowed a reporter and camera-person from to get a tour of the "house," and share it with the rest of the public.

I'll always remember the "house on top of the building," because it was one of the most interesting things I saw when I first moved to Central New York. I was on my way to Destiny USA, when I saw it for the first time. Obviously, I had to do a double-take. And without knowing the story behind this house, I had to ask my coworkers about it, do some research and read up on why it was there. I even fell for one of the rumors before I found out the true story behind it. I just wish I got the opportunity to meet the owner of this unique treasure in Central New York.





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