Driving through Syracuse on your way to Destiny USA you can see quite an odd sight - a complete house, sitting on top of a building.

House Behind Billboard in Syracuse
Credit: Google Maps Street View

Have you seen this house before? It looks pretty odd - a full house that you would expect to see in any town or city, but it's on top of a building. Now, if you're not looking closely for it, you could miss it. The house hides behind a billboard as you're driving on the highway. But as you start to pass it, it's clear what it is. So what's the story behind this house?

House on Top of a Building in Syracuse
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Well, the rumor about this house is pretty interesting. The story goes that the person who owned that house didn't want to move after a business owner bought the property. The business owner built his factory, and the home-owner kept the house - they just picked it up and moved it onto the roof. But is that the true story?

Unfortunately the answer is no. According to Syracuse.com,

...it is just a shell of a building to protect the motor that powers the five-story building's ancient, but still working, freight elevator.

The daughter of the man who built the factory, Harvey Moyer, said in a 1937 newspaper interview that the house was an "architectural gimmick" used to attract attention to her father's business...

The building has had countless owners in the last 100 years or so, but most of the owners have kept the house a secret - not allowing outsiders to know the story behind it. The latest owner however, doesn't mind the public knowing the truth. Apparently, people are even asking to tour the 'house' on top of the building. Check out more pictures below!




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