If you're heading to Destiny USA, or driving around Syracuse for that matter, you've probably noticed the house on top of a factory building. After learning why the house is there, now you can take a look inside.

A while back, we brought you a story asking about the house that sits on top of a building in Syracuse. If you've ever seen it, it's a pretty unique sight. Rumors about the house stated that the person who owned that house didn’t want to move after a business owner bought the property. The business owner built his factory, and the home-owner kept the house – they just picked it up and moved it onto the roof. But that was just a rumor...

Now Syracuse.com has the inside scoop to that house. Not only that, but they got the chance to talk with Yiorgos Kyriakopoulos, the current owner of the building and the 'house.' Check out the history behind this building and see inside the house in the video below:




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