Want to freshen-up your home, but maybe you're not the best with keeping houseplants healthy and alive? These plants are exactly what you need.

In honor of "Houseplant Appreciation Day" (there's a day for everything, isn't there?), we found some great houseplants that will help you spruce up your home, but don't need a lot of care or attention. If you're like me, remembering to water your houseplants or trim them down, or move them into sunlight, or anything else like that... well, sometimes you just forget. After a long, busy day at work, sometimes it's hard to remember those plants need caring.

That doesn't mean you can't have a houseplant (or a few). And while many varieties of cacti are great because most of them don't need a lot of attention or care, there are other plants that are even better, and will help clean the air in your home and freshen-up the place.

Peace Lily

This one you'll want to make sure you pay attention to keeping it watered and healthy, but Peace Lilies prefer shade, so you won't have to continually move the plant to make sure it's getting adequate sunlight.

Aloe Vera

These plants grow a lot like cacti, so they don't like standing water. You'll still need to keep an eye on it and water it, but it doesn't need as much water or care as other houseplants. Aloe Vera thrive in more drier conditions.


Not only are Mums beautiful flowering plants, but they have some of the best air-cleaning qualities. Yes, you'll usually find mums planted in the soil around gardens, or in pots outside, but they make great indoor plants as well. These guys take a little bit more work, but they're inexpensive, beautiful, and not TOO difficult to care for. They'll need water regularly, and they do love sunlight.




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