Many New Yorkers won't be able to fully enjoy America's first coast-to-coast solar eclipse in 99 years. But there ARE options to enhance your eclipse experience.

First, if you want a sneak peak of the spectacle, check out this cool video representation of what it will look like wherever you happen to be.

The closest town to Central New York that's in the path of totality, where viewing will be at its best August 21st, is Clingmans Dome, North Carolina. From Utica that's about 834 miles, which would be roughly a 14-hour drive. Try putting THEIR zip code (37738) into that above video representation link.

The most convenient direct flights to cities in the path of totality would be to Charleston, South Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee.

If you didn't book a berth aboard the cruise line that's setting sail along the path of totality and stars Bonnie Tyler with a live rendition of her big hit "Total Eclipse of the Heart," you could at least put together your own mix-tape of eclipse songs...


"Invisible Sun" by the Police was written about the tumultuous situation in Northern Ireland, but you can pretend it's all about the eclipse:


"Brain Damage/Eclipse" is the haunting final cut on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon masterpiece:


The video for "Dancing in the Dark," by Bruce Springsteen, features a cameo by future Friends star Courteney Cox:


A few others include "Blinded By the Light," a Springsteen song that became a hit for Manfred Mann, "Ain't No Sunshine," by Bill Withers, Pat Benatar's "Promises in the Dark," "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me," by Elton John, and "You're So Vain," with its memorable lyric about "the total eclipse of the sun" that you shout out loud with Carly Simon.

Get some cool sunglasses, serve up either this Eclipse cocktail or this version, and you've got a party, even if we're only in the path of partiality.

One drawback: the eclipse takes place in the middle of the afternoon. So, make sure you get clearance from the boss.


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