There are SO many questions about the case of the guy in the gorilla suit who, Wednesday around 1:00 AM, tried to rob the 24-hour McDonald's at the Guilderland Travel Plaza (above) on the New York State Thruway.

First of all, what was the deal with the disguise? A gorilla MASK wouldn't suffice? Along with maybe a nice set of bulky overalls? Did he really need the whole SUIT?

How many places even SELL gorilla suits? Wouldn't it be fairly easy to track the sales of gorilla suits in the greater Guilderland-Schenectady region and narrow it down to three or four recent purchases? Okay, maybe it's as many as, what, 12?

I mean, how many people could possibly be buying gorilla suits? And how many gorilla suits does the average costume shop STOCK, even around Halloween?

A brief check of Central New York stores selling gorilla costumes turned up suits at Walmart, Target, and Party City. And they're not cheap. They average about $70 or $80.

If you're a thief, are you really making THAT kind of investment in a disguise that's so uncomfortable to wear? Don't you value comfort as you're executing a heist, scampering out of the building in your furry gorilla feet with a bag of cash, driving your getaway car?

Online options include this sweet outfit over on Amazon...

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 6.23.26 PM
Credit: Amazon

If you're looking for even better quality, it's gonna cost you. One of the suits available online at, wait for retails for $224.99. But the description DOES claim it adds 6" to your height, so THAT could throw off the authorities questioning the suspects and measuring them against eyewitness descriptions.


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