This school year has been really...different with online learning, no sports, and missed milestones. As the state starts to plan for September, they want your opinions and feedback.

A committee called ReImagine Education, has been tasked with determining what school will look like for thousands of students if and when schools reopen in the fall. That committee is soliciting feedback from parents and other stakeholders on what they hope to see - and don't want - in the fall.

The survey, which you can access HERE, asks a series of questions designed to determine what parents and educators have in mind for the upcoming school year. Major trends from that survey will be sent to Governor Cuomo. 

The CDC has released considerations for schools as they plan for the upcoming year, but as of this writing, no guidance has been issued by the New York State Education Department or the Governor's office.

Most school districts in the Mohawk Valley are wrapping up instruction for the year, with uncertainty for the new year.

The Mohawk Valley and Central New York are currently in Phase Three of the Governor's reopening plans, and hope to reach Phase Four by the end of June. Even as regions advance toward a "complete" reopening, people still need to wear masks and socially distance.

Would you be willing to send your child back to school if they had to wear a mask all day? What if they needed to maintain social distance? Would you rather have online instruction until a vaccine is available? Share your thoughts with


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