The Utica chapter of the Department of Motor Vehicles has a great location inside beautiful Union Station. But the DMV in general can sometimes be one of the most uncomfortable places to be.

Why not use your time there to your advantage? Look at those numbers that keep popping up on the digital scoreboard. Did you ever wonder what those odd number-letter combinations mean? And, did you ever consider how you could turn them into cash? One man recently asked himself all those things. Then, he got proactive and entrepreneurial.

First, the significance of the numbers. The letters preceding the numbers signify which type of transaction you're conducting (i.e. "D" for license renewal, "A" for a learner's permit, "H" for new plates, etc.) Each state has its own codes.

Now, on to the money part. A guy named Michael Pruser recently published a piece on, telling the story of how he earned income off those numbers.

Long story short: During his long wait at a Connecticut DMV, Pruser stood up and loudly announced his offer to swap his number for cash. Someone offered him $20. So, he kept repeating the process, and got work done on his laptop while he waited.

He ended up making $180 that day at the DMV. Not exactly Mega Millions, but pretty easy money.

Obviously this ploy would work best at larger DMVs where the wait times are longest. Would you have the courage to pull off this maneuver?


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