Sometimes no amount of will power is going to help you from craving a delicious, greasy pizza, or a candy bar. But there are a few things you can do when you feel this way...

Whether you've been working out and eating healthy, trying to get in shape for summer, or you just don't want to overindulge when you get a craving for something sweet or fattening, I found some advice that may be able to help you. I know it has helped me.

There's two big things you can do when you're craving something specific (or a specific type of food like "sweet" or "salty"). The first thing is to eat something else that's healthier in place of it. What you eat depends on what you're craving. If you're craving something sweet and sugary, a good alternative is too have fresh fruit. Whether it's an apple, peach, cherries, or whatever you want! Fruit is naturally sweet and should help get rid of the craving. If you're craving pasta and/or heavy carbohydrates, you want to go for filling greens like kale and spinach. You can also go for nuts like almonds, cashews, even walnuts or pecans.

If you're craving something oily and greasy like pizza or french fries,'s Facebook Page suggest you eat broccoli, asparagus, kale, figs, dates, or plums instead.'s Facebook Page also suggesting eating foods like celery, tomatoes, and lettuce if you're craving something salty.

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The other thing you can do if you're having some strong cravings for something specific is have it! Of course, if you're trying to lose weight and get healthy, the last thing you want to do is eat a candy bar just because you want one. But if you're craving chocolate, maybe pick up some dark chocolate which is healthier for you. And just make sure you have a small piece, and savor it. You can do the same with all these cravings. If you really, REALLY want french fries, have some. But make sure you don't go crazy. Maybe make the fries at home so you can make sure you're only having one serving. Or have someone else get fries when you go out and ask for a few.

And if you do give in to those cravings, don't beat yourself up. We all do it. Sometimes you want ice cream and those cravings aren't going to stop until you get some ice cream. And sometimes you have more ice cream than you should, but we've all been there. Don't let it completely derail all your hard work. Just try again. And good luck!




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