Hard to believe that Memorial Day is here already. Many Americans will be firing up the grill over the holiday weekend. Chicken, steaks, burgers and dogs galore will be served. If you've looking for some assistance on how to make the perfect burger, hot dog or steak, we've grabbed some tips that can help you become a master of the grill. Try one of them out this weekend.

All-American grilled hamburgers

You most likely have a pretty good idea on how to grill a hamburger but, it never hurts to see how somebody else does it. Watch this video from the BBQ Pit Boys, and you just might pick up some tips.

BBQ pork burgers

If hamburgers are considered old fashion in your home, why not serve up some pork burgers? They're great with a slice of cheese and horseradish sauce.

Grilled turkey burgers

Recently we've heard of restaurant chains adding these to their menus. Do it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Grilled T-bone steak

Can’t go wrong with a juicy T-bone steak to officially kick off summer. It's really like a science project to properly prepare one on the grill. This will help.

Happy grilling!

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