Looking to get birds in your backyard? You don't have to spend a ton of money on fancy bird feeders, you can make your own! Here's a few different redneck bird feeder ideas you can make at your home or office.

1) Use An Old Milk Carton

Why throw out that old milk carton when you can use it in your yard? This activity is a ton of fun for kids to get involved with.


2) Use A Toilet Paper Roll

It doesn't matter if you put the paper under, or over, in your house. All that matters is for you to save the roll when you're done! I love how the woman in this next video is all fancy and crafty with a paper roll...


3) Use A Old Liquor Bottle

Every time you look at this bird feeder you can think of the crazy party the bottle came from!


4) Use A Pair Of Old Boots

How redneck is a bird feeder made out of an old pair of work boots? Honestly, this is a nice way to recycle the boots and create something really cool. Honestly this one is very easy....All you have to do is nail the boot to a tree, and put the feed inside. It really works too!


5) Use A Plunger

Imagine how redneck your garden will look with a plunger sticking out of the ground with birdseed inside? Pretty redneck right? All you need is some wood, plunger, and birdseed.



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