The idea of cardio conjures thoughts of slogging through endless miles on a treadmill, or sweating through 30 minutes on the elliptical...but it doesn't have to be that way.

The All New Carbone Athletics at The Fitness Mill has really unique equipment that will add some spice to your cardio life and even - dare we say it - fun.

We headed over to The Fitness Mill where owner Alex Carbone introduced us to some pretty cool (and by cool, I mean OMG they were challenging) fitness equipment that you can use to get yourself a cardio workout that takes only 20-30 minutes but will definitely get you results.

First, we check out the S-Force Elliptical. Now, I know I just called the ellipticals boring, but this isn't your typical machine. The S-Force engages your legs, your hips, and really gets your heart pumping with full extension of your legs.

Next, we went to the Endless Ladder. It looks so innocent - and then it starts to move - and you start climbing...and climbing...and climbing. Alex even showed us some variations that target the legs and arms. It's a very versatile machine.

Finally, the rope pull machine gives you an appreciation for the sailors of old as they pulled heavy ropes to raise and lower the sails. This machine isn't fancy, but my shoulders felt the burn just a minute in.

All you need to do is hit each of these exercises for 60-90 seconds at a time, and continue the circuit until you've reached 20-30 minutes. Trust me - you'll be feeling it way before then.

You can give this same workout a try at the all new Carbone Athletics at The Fitness Mill in New York Mills. For more information about The Fitness Mill, check out their website at


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