The controversial Common Core testing begins Tuesday, April 14th but many parents are opting their kids out. Are you one of them?

The NYS Allies for Public Education has provided 5 steps to refuse the Common Core math and English ests and it's gaining momentum. 67,000 students opted out of the math tests last year, while 49,000 refused to take the English test. Eric Mihelbergel, one of the NYS Allies for Public Education founding members says that could triple this year.

NYS Allies for Public Education 5 Steps to refuse the NYS Common Core tests:
1.) Download the Refusal Letter
2.) Email this letter to your child's principal, all your child's teachers, and the guidance counselor. Copy the email to the superintendent and school board members.
3.) Call the principal to confirm the procedure for your child on test day.
4.) Expect them to tell you "no opt-out provision is available". This is a typical response as most school districts do not understand students can "refuse" the tests with a code of "999".
5.) Contact NYS Allies for Public Education if you experience any problems at

The deadline to 'opt-out' is Tuesday morning. English tests are scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Math tests will be April 22, 23 and 24.

Will your kids be taking the Common Core tests?

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