Do you need a little help wrapping your Christmas presents? This video should help!  Wrapping presents has never come easy to me. I consider myself artistic but not crafty. I think wrapping presents falls into the "crafty" category. My family members never have a hard time guessing which gifts are from me. They know full well that my presents are the unshapely, ghastly looking, and Scotch Tape laden ones.

Part of the reason my gifts aren't very attractive is the fact that left handed scissors are hard to come by. I'm usually forced to use the rights.  I like to refer to them as the wrongs. I'd have better luck using a butter knife to cut the wrapping paper.

The other reason my presents aren't very "presentable" is because I usually wait to the very last minute to do my wrapping....or as I like to call it "wrangling." I like to argue and shake my fists at those annoying uneven edges. It's especially frustrating when I think I've got the perfect fold only to learn a few seconds later that I cut the paper too short. Bah humbug!

One of the only positives to gift wrapping is the fact that I get to use Scotch Tape. Lots of it! I love Scotch Tape! I love the way it sticks! I love the way it smells! I love the way it......! Ah never mind.

Maybe you're a novice wrapper like me. This video should help you out!

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