I confess I’ve been a little spoiled the past few years by southern weather but now that I’m back in Central New York how will I get through the frigid winter?

The past three years I lived in Nashville and it rarely dipped below 40 degrees. It hardly ever snowed an inch but if it did people would abandon their vehicles on the side of the road and ravish the inconvenient stores bottled water supply. If the forecast called for snow and nothing happened it didn’t matter, schools shut down for nine weeks.

Prior to living in Nashville I was spoiled even more because I lived in California. There the temperatures never dropped below 60. Even around the holidays the temperatures were mild. Yes the orange trees were smiling! Not like our Christmas trees though because they were almost always artificial. Then again isn’t everything fake in California?

Here I am back in Central New York on one of the coldest days of the year so far. How in the world are we going to stay warm? Unfortunately I pawned off my camouflage snuggy, and my moon boots from ’84 are all disheveled, so maybe this video will help us find some comfort this winter time.