We had a good old-fashioned, four-alarm studio emergency Thursday. Beth was using a napkin to wipe chicken wing sauce off her laptop computer when it happened:

She hit the wrong combination of keys and her computer screen went sideways. Or at least the Facebook timeline did. (See photo.)

First of all, I don't want you to get the impression that we're sitting around eating wings all the time while we're supposed to to be hard at work delivering a quality radio show. Sometimes it's meatballs. Or pulled pork. Or Hostess cupcakes.

Credit: Beth Coombs

But, I digress. Back to the sideways computer screen and troubleshooting on the fly. This is where 30+ years of expertise takes over.

You open up the phone lines and ask for help.

Everyone should enjoy the experience just once of utilizing a large and interactive radio audience as your own personal Mr. Fixit.

We got lots of calls, but Josh from Clinton nailed the solution: Hit CONTROL,ALT, and the ARROW UP keys simultaneously. Problem solved.

If you know any other computer shortcuts or cheats that'll work for various disasters, that we might encounter (food-related or otherwise), please feel free to share.


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