We coined new phrases, changed each other's minds, and took courageous stands against inanimate objects. Another busy week filled with entertaining (and learning from) the wonderful Lite 98.7 listeners of Central New York.

Here are the Best Of Beth & Dave for the week of February 19, 2018, worthy of at least an Olympic bronze medal:

1. National Skip the Straw Day was just the icing on the cake for one member of the show to wax philosophic against the plastic sippers destroying our lives.

2. The Kinda Hard Question scored big points again, especially with the Swedish judges.

3. The Olympic sport of curling gave us endless material and produced a new word that will someday end up in the dictionary. Or maybe not.

4. The staggering amount of laptops left behind in airports astounded us and sparked talk of a special road trip.

5. Beth's skepticism about a specific story collided with the general facts about sleepwalking when a caller chimed in to set her straight.


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