Travelling doesn't have to break the bank- follow these tips to plan your next trip!

Whether you're going on a day trip or week long vacation, saving money beforehand always helps. Stop spending money on new clothes, eating out or drinks at the bar. I'd much rather wait to spend my money at a new brewery or store in a city I've never visited.

Trade or sell what you have laying around your house. Turn the shirt you haven't worn all year into a drink on the beach. Every penny counts - Ways to get a little extra cash right before the trip:

  • Sell your clothes on Poshmark or bring them to Plato's closet
  • Return bottle and can recyclables
  • Sell anything from electronics to home goods on Facebook Marketplace or Letgo
  • Secret Shop

If you don't have much money to spend on travelling, choose a location for a day trip. Lately I've taken day trips to New York City, Boston, Salem, and Newport Rhode Island. Do research on locations near you to find a new travel destination. I'm willing to go anywhere within about a 5 hour drive of my hometown in CNY. Grab a group of friends and carpool! By splitting the gas costs, getting to your destination will only cost about $5-$10.

Buying food at gas station stops, especially along the thruway, can really add up. Always pack a cooler in the car and fill it with drinks and snacks. When travelling on a road trip, I pack supplies for a whole meal. It's so much cheaper to pack sandwiches, chips and fruit for a cute picnic then to go out to restaurants.

If I'm gone for only a day or two, I'll ask a neighbor or family member to take care of my dog instead of putting her in a kennel. Repay them with a coffee or lunch date and it will still save you a good chunk of change.

If you're going on a longer trip, take time to dig around travel sites to find the best deals and coupon codes. I recently discovered Honey, which is similar to Ebates but can also be used on several travel sites. When booking a hotel near Darien Lake for a concert, I found the cheapest option through Honey.

If crashing on a friend's couch isn't an option, the next best thing is Airbnb. I've used it internationally, and even if there's language barriers involved it saved me tons of money. If you don't mind sharing a room, hostels are a traveller's haven and are very popular throughout European countries.

Hopefully some of these tips and tools help make your next adventure great! Where is your dream destination?






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