Drop the kids off at grandma's house for the weekend, and experience a romantic getaway that's perfect if you're up for something out of the norm.

Thanks to the good people at Thrillist, they've planned a whole weekend trip for you and your significant other. The best part? It's not that far from the Utica area, so you're not sitting in the car ALL day waiting to actually get away.

Their video (which you can see at the top of this page), takes you to the beautiful Catskills, where you can take in the breath-taking scenery, enjoy delicious food and adult beverages, and go on some unique adventures you can't experience anywhere else. Of course, you can use the video as a guide, and decide your adventure-level, but if you decide to do it all... Well, it's sure to be a getaway you'll always remember.

First stop on the video is Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, where you can meet some rescued farm animals. Some of their animals include pigs, horses, cows, rabbits, and there's even a bunch of goats. From there, a trip to Hunter Mountain to experience their zipline course is in order. That is, if you're up for a BIG adventure. If you didn't know, the zipline (and canopy tour) at Hunter Mountain is the longest and highest one in North America. If that sounds like a little much, don't worry, they have different levels of the tour so you can start off small or for a shorter (less scary) trip.

After those activities, you need to rehydrate with an adult beverage. The video shows the couple heading to Hunter Mountain Brewery, which is a great choice. But there are other options that aren't too far out of the way, as well. You could try Cave Mountain Brewery in Windham or Hammo's Brew Pub and Lodge in Hensonville. There are a handful of other breweries in that area, but some are a little longer of a drive.

From there, they wrapped up the first night by checking into Hotel Dylan. Obviously, there are many choices when it comes to where to stay for the night. Or you could call that your day, and head back home. It's your adventure, it's your choice.

For the couple in the video though, their adventures were not over. Day two of this romantic getaway included a stop at K + K Equestrian Center for some horseback riding, a drive through the town of Hunter, and ended with a nice movie outside at the Hi-Way Drive-In Movie Theatre.

What a weekend, right?! And it's something that wouldn't be too hard for you to do with your significant other, either. Whether you want to go for a day trip, a whole weekend, and whether you want to use all the ideas suggested in the video, or just use it to pick and choose and spark new ideas, it's easy to getaway to the Catskills. Besides, we could all use a few days away from it everything, right?

Lucky for us, living in New York allows us the opportunity to getaway, without having to actually go that far.





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