The University of Connecticut Huskies officially cancelled their 2020 football schedule--and that could have some interesting ramifications for Syracuse football and beyond.

The decision makes UConn the first Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) school to bow out of play this year due to the pandemic. The move will bring about some ripple effects. First of all, it leaves ten teams with an empty slot in their 2020 season. Those teams could now be looking for a new opponent to fill an open date. Perhaps one of those teams could play against Syracuse.

The Orange already have an open date on THEIR schedule, ever since Colgate decided to cancel its 2020 season.

SU has vacant slots between their season opener September 4th against Boston College and September 26th against Western Michigan.

Maybe one of UConn's 2020 opponents could fill it. The University of Virginia Cavaliers are now available on Saturday, September 19th, when they were scheduled to play UConn.

The other factor centers on UConn Huskies players who might be disenchanted with postponing their college football careers at UConn. Or they could be unhappy with the general state of UConn football, which hasn't had a winning campaign since 2010 and which has gone a combined 9-39 the past four seasons.

This COVID-19 timeout might be enough to push a Huskie or two over the edge and transfer to another college. Just sayin'.

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