We already know there are a bunch of cities across the United States that share the name "Utica," but what about our other town and city names? In this 5-part series we look into how many other places share names with us.

In this week's edition of "How Unique are Our Town/City Names in Central New York," we're going to look at 8 places, and see how many cities across the country share those same names. These 8 towns are all from all over the area (some in Oneida County, some in Herkimer, and so on). Don't worry if you don't see your city on the list, it may be included in a future installment of this mini-series.


There are five other notable "Whitesboro" towns in the United States, with Whitesboro, New York being the second largest. Texas holds the most populated Whitesboro at 3,793 people (according to the 2010 Census). We were just under that at 3,772. These are the other states with a Whitesboro:
- Alabama
- California (which, almost nothing remains of the town)
- New Jersey
- Oklahoma
- Texas


Oneida is actually a more popular city name than we thought. There are 12 other "Oneidas" in our country. There is also an "Oneida Center" in Michigan, but we didn't include that on our list. The city in New York is the most populated on the list. Here are the other states that share that city name:
- Arkansas (which doesn't have much, but they do have a post office)
- Illinois
- Iowa (there are actually two Oneida Townships in Iowa)
- Kansas
- Kentucky
- Louisiana
- Ohio (which actually is named after Oneida County, New York)
- Oklahoma
- Pennsylvania
- Tennessee
- Wisconsin
- Washington


There are a total of six cities named "Boonville" in the US, with ours being the third most populated. Boonville, Missouri is the biggest with a population of 8,319 (according to the 2010 Census). These states also contain a Boonville:
- California
- Indiana
- Missouri
- North Carolina
- Texas (which is now just a ghost town)


Believe it or not, there's another state that has a city named Herkimer. That's it though, just the two in the country. There is a Herkimer, Kansas that was actually named after Herkimer, New York.


Cazenovia was a little more popular than we expected (although it still wasn't that common). There are three other "Cazenovias" in the United States. Cazenovia, New York is the most recognized city with that name. Here are the other states that have a "Cazenovia:"
- Illinois
- Minnesota (which was actually founded by pioneers from Madison County, NY)
- Wisconsin


Can you believe it?! Dolgeville, New York is the ONLY Dolgeville in the entire country. There are tons of cities and towns named "Dodgeville," but not with the "L." Congratulations Dolgeville, New York, you're truly one-of-a-kind.


There are five other places around the US that share the name "Cicero." Cicero, New York is the second largest with a population of 31,632 (according to the 2010 US Census). The most populated "Cicero" is actually a suburb of Chicago with over 84,000 residents. Other states with a city named Cicero are:
- Indiana
- Illinois (which was actually named after Cicero, New York)
- Kansas
- Washington
- Wisconsin


This city name was decently popular (although we thought it would be a little more popular, honestly). There are nine other states with a city or town called "Westmoreland." There is even one state that has two "Westmorelands." Here are those states:
- Tennessee
- New Hampshire
- Illinois
- Kansas
- Kentucky (with a whopping population of 169 people)
- Oregon
- Texas (which is part of the Historic District in Neartown Houston)
- Virginia (actually has two of them, and one is in Westmoreland County)
- West Virginia


There you have it! Our first 8 Central New York cities and how common they are around the United States. Make sure you look for next week's edition with another 8 cities and towns. And if you would like us to do the research for your town or city just leave a note in the "comments section" at the bottom of this page and we'll be sure to include it in a future installment.




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