New York has some of the most unique areas, but not some of the most unique city names. Maybe the inspiration was from other parts of the world?

If you ever wanted to travel the world, but can't afford it, just head to some of these 'worldly' cities throughout New York.

Let's start in the United States...

You can check out the town of Alabama on the western side of the state, or maybe head over to Florida, New York in Montgomery County. Other 'states' inside New York include Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Ohio, and the village of Wyoming in Wyoming County.

That doesn't include some of the well-known cities in other states that are also right here in New York, like...

Boston, New York in Erie County
Columbus, New York in Chenango County
Philadelphia, in Northern New York
Cleveland, New York in Oswego County

Now that we've covered the US, let's head into Canada for Ontario, New York and Windsor, New York.

Moving on to the rest of the Eastern Hemisphere...

Cuba, New York in Allegany County
Mexico, New York in Oswego County
Panama, New York at the western edge of the state
Peru, New York in Clinton County

Political map of world with countries. Vector illustration.

Alright, it's time to cross the ocean and cover cities on the other side of the world, like...

Amsterdam, New York in Montgomery County
Rome, New York (how could you forget that one?)
Athens, New York in Greene County
Jerusalem, New York in Yates County
Cairo, New York (you know, like the capital of Egypt)
Berlin, New York on the eastern side of the state
Paris, New York in Oneida County
Vienna, New York (as in the capital of Austria)
Venice, New York in Cayuga County
Bethlehem, New York in Albany County

...And now for other countries across the world:

Norway, New York in Herkimer County
Jordan, New York (like the country in Western Asia)
Denmark, New York in Lewis County
Greece, New York towards the western side of the state
Lebanon, New York in Madison County
Italy, New York
Poland, New York in Chautauqua County AND Herkimer County
Sweden, New York in Monroe County
Wales, New York (as in the country in the UK)
Russia, New York

Don't forget taking a trip back in time to two ancient cities:

Sparta, New York - the ancient Greek City-State
and the ancient city of Babylon, New York.


That's A LOT of cities named for other areas of the world, but did we miss any? Let us know in the 'comments' section at the bottom of this page.




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