It's been a pretty active hurricane season already, with massive storms affecting areas that haven't seen that kind of weather in a long time. And now the 10th named storm of 2017 could be headed to the Northeast.

Tropical Storm Jose is once again strengthening in the Caribbean and could affect the US east coast as a hurricane early next week. According to, most forecast models don't call for a direct hit on the US mainland, but rain, wind and heavy surf will likely impact much of the northeast coast from Tuesday (9/19/17) into Wednesday.

Mark Wilson/ThinkStock

New York City and Long Island appear to be right in the path of these conditions, as well as coastal areas right up through Maine. NOAA's National Hurricane Center shows an overview of tropical storm force wind speed probabilities for the area, which are nothing like we saw with Harvey and Irma. However the rip currents and surf can still be very dangerous in the storm's current path. We will be watching the forecast updates closely over the weekend and will provide further information as Jose gets closer.

Hurricane Sandy was the last major storm to hit the New York City area, on October 29, 2012. It caused massive damage which some places are still cleaning up from. Let's hope Jose doesn't gain that kind of strength.


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