Jette Collins of Durhamville decided to take to Facebook to try and find his biological father, who he had never met before. Maybe you can help him out.

In a post Jette put on Facebook just last night (March 2, 2016), he states that he's not sure if these type of posts - looking for family members - really works, but he figured he would give it a shot.

Within the few hours that the post has been up, it has already been shared over 300 times, and more than 70 people have commented. Some suggesting who his father could possibly be, others with ideas on how to get more people involved, and more information out to the public.

Here is Jette's Facebook Post, with all the information he has on who his father could be...

Jette says he doesn't want anything from the man who is his biological father. He just wants to know who he is, and get the chance to meet him. Jette isn't asking for a lot, hopefully we can help him out. If you have any information you can Facebook Message Jette, or leave a comment on his post. (He says he's always looking through them).


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