Let's have a little fun! We're looking for the perfect way to describe Utica, but as an ice cream flavor.

This all depends on how you look at the city. You could go for a fully-loaded ice cream flavor that represents all the things Utica has to offer, like Stewart's Shops Caramel Cone Crunch (which has peanuts, caramel, and cone pieces covered in chocolate). Or maybe you want to go for something plain because you don't think a lot happens in Utica, so you vote vanilla or chocolate.

That's not the only way to look at it, either. You could base your decision on what ice cream flavor Utica reminds you of, or makes you think of. Maybe you choose mint chocolate chip because you remember getting that flavor at Nicky Doodles all the time in the summer.

Take a moment to think about it. How would you describe Utica? Once you figure out how you would describe Utica, think about the ice cream that would represent that. Now let us know what you think! You can vote in the poll below (and if you don't see an answer you like, you can fill in your own):

We would love to hear why you chose the flavor you did. Let us know 'why' in the "Comments Section" at the bottom of this page.



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