National Coupon month is underway and I found a recent survey from interesting and frankly a little unbelievable.  They asked people a hypothetical question about winning the lottery and using coupons.

If you were lucky enough to win the lottery, would you spend lavishly and give up coupons?   I sure would.  Surprisingly, 64% of Americans surveyed said they would be extremely or very likely to continue living frugally.  55% would be extremely likely or very likely to continue using coupons if they won the lottery.  How often do you buy lottery tickets?  Nearly four in ten American adults buy them sometimes and 13% buy lottery tickets often.  We in the Northeast are much more likely to be lottery tickets, men buy them more than women and adults over 55 are the most likely to purchase lottery tickets.  How about you?  Do you buy them?  Would you still use coupons and live frugally if you won millions?