Utica and the Central New York area is probably best known for its variety of unique foods - One of those foods being tomato pie.

Can you believe that I haven't tried tomato pie yet?! I've had all the Utica foods - Chicken riggies, Utica greens, halfmoon cookies, and all that - But I had never gotten the chance to try tomato pie...

Well, now I can officially say I've had it. Thanks to our special guests that came in this morning from Charlie's Pizza and 'It's a Utica Thing,' - They brought in tomato pie for Matt and I during the Workday Kick-Off. They also talked to us about how Charlie's Pizza will now be shipping tomato pie all across the country! So if you want to send this special dish to a relative or friend in another state - You now can! I'm thinking of sending some back home to my parents and friends back in Michigan - They could use a little taste of Central New York!

So today was a good day - I can finally cross 'trying tomato pie' off my list.




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