We all know weddings can get costly pretty fast, but how much is too much? Would you be willing to spend $31,000 or more on the big day?

Tuesday morning's Mindbender Trivia answer had Naomi Lynn both confused and in disbelief. How could people spend that much money on one day?! Here's the Q&A:

According to the latest statistics…the average one now costs just over $31,000.   A:   Wedding

After a listener guessed the correct answer, Naomi could not wrap her head around the idea of spending that much money. She understands it's a special day, and people want to make it perfect - But $31,000?! She said if she ever does get married it would be a backyard wedding and it definitely wouldn't cost that kind of money. She figured $10,000 would be the absolute most (and even that number seemed pretty high to her).

A few calls came in over the topic. One woman stated she had a backyard wedding and it ended up costing $47,000 - Which blew Naomi's mind (again). Another woman said she was able to have her wedding and honeymoon in Jamaica for $7,000.

JR suggested going to Las Vegas. You can get married cheap there.

The idea of spending that kind of money on one day (even though it's a very important day in a person's life) just seems ridiculous to Naomi. Is she wrong? To have a decent wedding do you have to spend the big bucks? Or can you still have a great wedding, but do it on the cheap?



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