Here in Central New York, winter usually mean extra blankets and comforters and layers being added to the bed, in order to survive the cold months. Our house, where Beth is always cold, is no exception.

But, there's a minimalist movement out there in the world of bedding. Many millennials have ditched their top sheets, just like the landlines and cable TV contracts they've deemed to be excessive and unnecessary. There seems to be a big divide on the topic. GQ's Maggie Lange referred to them as the "gift wrap of bedding" and suggested tossing them out. Her colleague Jon Ortved countered that top sheets "separate us from the animals."

The two-sheet lobby argues that the top sheet protects the more valuable bedding from bodily secretions, such as blood, sweat, and other stuff. Meanwhile, the one-sheet crowd says it's a time-saver to go with just one, especially when it comes to making the bed.

Top companies like Crane & Canopy and Parachute have begun packaging and touting bedding options without a top sheet, based on current customer preferences.

Which camp are you in? Fitted sheet only, the way they do it in Europe? Or the traditional American preference, with two sheets for every bed?



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