Sleep is so important, but many of us just aren't getting enough. Bankrate, a financial services company based in New York City, surveyed 1,000 people about their sleep habits and concluded This Is the No. 1 Reason Americans Are Losing Sleep.

The list includes the other top responses, plus we've canvassed some folks in Central New York for some other reasons. So, below are the top five, according to the survey, then a few others reasons we've heard about.

  • 1. Relationships (41%)
  • 2. Money (36%)
  • 3. Work (30%)
  • 4. Health (28%)
  • 5. Politics (14%)

Then, without getting specific, 31% of respondents told Bankrate it's some OTHER issues keeping them up. Some of our friends filled in those blanks.

-Worrying about finding a parking spot within three miles of the Great New York State Fair, especially now that they're having so many problems with the Orange Lot.

-Wondering how Jim Boeheim's basketball team will fare this year.

-Potholes. Enough said.

-El Niño. The weather system wreaks havoc with our weather, ruins golf games and ski seasons, and has a direct effect on cosmetic grooming.

Do you want to add to our list of things that keep you up at night?



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