Ewww may be your first reaction to the thought of an enzyme being used to glue parts of meat together to make one larger piece. We found a video from an Australian current affairs television program called "Today Tonight" where they exposed a beef industry secret that may gross you out.

Did you know that parts of the meat industry uses of Transglutaminase or "meat glue" to bond off-cuts of meat together and then sell as prime meat for a premium price? It's true and it also happens with pork, fish and chicken.

Is that steak you're flopping on the grill this weekend all one piece or has it been glued together? Can any butcher actually tell you what part of the carcass that steak really comes from? Heck, my mom did a great job putting meat together with our weekly meatloaf.

What do you think? Is this practice deceitful? Does selling off-cuts reconstituted as prime cuts angers you? Are you worried about the enzymes used in this process or will you simply make sure to cook your meat thoroughly from now on?

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