Is this vintage doll house creepy or is it just me? There's just something about the peeling paint and the faded colors that just screams "haunted" to me...or maybe it just screams.

The listing on Utica's Craig's List says this is a "Vintage Beach House" but I'm not so sure. Is that a pentagram on the miniature rug in the living room?

The miniature "beach" house contains likely handmade wire chairs to coordinate with an outdoor table complete with umbrella. Perhaps those chairs and the hand-painted umbrella were once bright and inviting, but today, they look like they might be perfect seating for a doll belonging to a ghostly child. There have long been rumors that Sylvan Beach is haunted; perhaps this dollhouse is modeled after a beach home there?

How old do you estimate this house to be? 50 years old? Older? Is it possible the children that once played with this have long-since left this earthly plane? What about its maker - also gone to the Great Beyond? Maybe all of them are still hoping to play one last time with what might have been their favorite toy. Perhaps their spirits haunt the tulips lining the garden.

Looking into each little room, we see small paintings on each wall: one depicting a house, all alone and isolated on a hillside and another showing what looks like children reaching toward a lonely tree. Maybe this house was the only entertainment for children otherwise confined to a solitary existence in that house upon the hill.

Whatever the explanation, the house must have been very bright and pretty years ago, but now time has worn the vivid colors away, leaving what some call the patina of age. Maybe it's just an old toy, or maybe the spirits of the children who once owned this dollhouse are just waiting to play with you.

If you'd like to see this vintage beach house in person, visit Booth W at Showcase Antiques of CNY at 375 Canal Place, Little Falls, NY.


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