Are you curious about the paranormal? Do you believe in ghosts? Then maybe a stay in this haunted hotel is just what you need.

Even in the picture, this hotel looks eerie in the day - But just wait until it's night...

It's called the Shanley Hotel and for years there have been reports of paranormal activity throughout the building. Guests have mentioned hearing children laughing and running up the stairs, doors opening and closing by themselves - some guests have even said they felt a spot get hot all of a sudden, or get cold all of a sudden. Some have said there was that feeling of "uneasiness" in certain areas of the hotel. According to the Shanley Hotel's website,

 Reputable paranormal investigators have documented activity with EVPs and photos...
Ongoing research has uncovered news articles and other documentation about past inhabitants and events at the hotel.

The hotel has had many owners since it first opened its doors 1845 (although the hotel completely burned down in 1895 and was rebuilt in the same spot). But the one most recognizable owner was James Louis Shanley, who bought the hotel on October 1st of 1906. Although Shanley seemed to have a wonderful hotel and life and a wonderful wife by his side, their lives were still filled with unfortunate tragedies. His wife gave birth to three children who all died before they were 9-months-old. Shanley himself suffered a heart attack and passed away in 1937.

But tragedy didn't just strike Shanley and his wife. It seems like a lot of people who either worked in the hotel or were tied to the family, had some serious struggles within their lives.

Another View of the Shanley Hotel in Napanoch, New York
Photo Credit: Google Maps Street View

A stay at the Shanley Hotel isn't expensive, and it comes complete with a ghost investigation. You'll also get the chance to learn more about the history behind the building and the people surrounding it - Including famous figures who have stayed at the hotel. It costs $95 per person for a night stay (with the ghost investigation), and there are some "rules" including you have to be at least 16-years-old to even stay at the hotel. You can get more details on their pricing, rules, and event info on their website here.

The Shanley Hotel is a little bit of a drive from the Utica area, but if you're into the paranormal or want a chance to experience it, it's worth the drive. The hotel is located in Napanoch, New York (southwest of Albany) - which is about three hours away.




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