It's not every day you see the New Hartford Police involved in a foot pursuit of a fugitive - and certainly not one this cute.

The discovery was made between between Route 5 and Route 12B. Straight from the New Hartford Police Department's Facebook page, here's the description of the events leading to the "capture" of this scoundrel:

After a short foot pursuit, we have 1 in "custody". Last evening, this cute pup was found running down Alexandria Road towards Seneca Turnpike when Officer Allen spotted it. Officer Allen got out and called to the scared pup who then jumped into the back seat and started howling.

Once Officer Allen opened the window and put his hand out, the pup assumed this position and happily rode patrol back the station. The pup has since been transported up to Steven's Swan. If you know this dog's owner, please contact our Animal Control Department at (315) 733-6666.

The folks at Stevens-Swan Humane Society are always a good resource.

This story has a happy ending, after wrangling the puppy, the police did manage to reunite the dog with it's owner.


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